i am ze original discomatic robot. whatcha looking at?
fresh information!
the stuffed robot is available at ok.good or at minimal vienna. buy, cuddle and love.

the discomatic massive played at the MAK in Vienna (watch out, it’s an art space!)
for unbelievable six weeks [9.9.–26.10.1009] you had the chance to control the robot with a dancing mat, praise the paper robot home edition™ in it’s super glossy shrine or make him dance the whole night long (do it from outside for free).

if you couldn’t come to see discomatic – might be that you are too far away or us is not in da house ’cauze our kidz need some luv – there is hope in just three steps: download-print-cutandglue!
it's finally here: the new discomatic™ paper robot home edition™
once you're finished
you can do somethin’ like ziz

ze handmade dancing kitchen robot

if you can’t be bothered using your ♠♣♥♦ing hands you can still watch the bastard dance on the famous clickadiclickclick page (director shockwave required — r.i.p.) or just wreck your eyes (if you click on the word: the word)
the massive is associated with the wicked design crew sensomatic and the restless design guru ulf harr aka dj ulf